3D printing outsourcing

We are a Bulgarian company and we offer 3d printing on the FDM technology. Our work began 2 years ago with the production of hobby details and studying of the 3d printing proccess. A year ago our work went on a professional level by creating our web page and social channels. This has led to people being able to print their desired details in our company. The company operates on the territory of the European Union and offers good prices/quality

We offer the production of details from the filament 1.75mm materials – PLA, PetG and ABS . Designing our projects and getting ready for printing from our clients.

If you are looking for a subcontractor for your future projects you can write to us about your project. We are ready to do the tests and send you the product. If it meets your expectations we can continue to produce larger series for you.

Please send email to our official : office@rising3d.eu