FDM 3D printing Service


You can print with us hobby details or professional products for your business. We are ready to discuss your project and the quantities you want to be produced.

3D projects

If you have your project of a finished part in STL format, you can send it to our official mail. You can also take advantage of products made by us for your business.

Material / Filament

The choice of material is also important for your product. Different materials have different properties and vision. It is good to indicate what the purposes of this product are.

Shipping worldwide

After specifying the project and preparing a sample, we can print larger quantities for you and send them to your address.

3д принтиране

3D Printing FDM

FDM 3D Printing allows printing from 100 to 300 microns per layer. Your company to use order your own products in small batches. Turn the idea you have into a real business product with the help of 3D printing.

3D models

The 3D model can be created by anyone and printed on our machines. This gives great flexibility to any company or hobby enthusiast to create a part for their business idea.

When FDM technology is appropriate

FDM technology is suitable for prototyping, mechanical parts, architecture, details, hobbies, ideas. The technology makes the object layer by layer with plastic.

For Business

3D printing is a perfect combination of speed, small series and price.
Create your product and order it in small batches.

New ideas

Every designer dreams of having their own unique creation for their ideas. Now you only need to focus on creating a 3D model!

Shops and Hobbies

Every retailer needs different products to their liking. We give you the opportunity to do what you want and sell it in your stores.

3д принтиране