3d принтиране и услуги

3D printing

Create your ideas and make them a reality. Touch the future with 3D printing. Order items for your business printed on our 3D printers!

3d принтиране и услуги

3D project

If you do not have a ready 3D project of your model, we can help you. Write us your ideas or drawing, what exactly you want to create and we will turn it into a 3D product!

3d принтиране

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a process that uses a digital file to create three-dimensional objects. After creating the project in 3D it is released for printing on the printer. The printer builds the project by superimposing layer after layer of molten material.

What things can be printed?

Small and medium business owners can benefit from this technology in many ways. You will be able to make a cheap prototype of your future products, elements for your business, decorative products, interior designs and more.

You can use free 3D models from the sites:

Thingeverse.com | Cults3d.com | MyminiFactory.com

Why 3D printing?

Imagine that you want to create an item with exact dimensions and vision. Large manufacturers will have a bunch of minimum quantity requirements and dies for their large machines. The 3D printer can work for you in small numbers and with models of your choice. Like this, it will give new opportunities to your business.

3D printing time?

3D printer technology makes things slower and more accurate. Therefore, it is advisable to allow more time when ordering your models. The best option is to ask us about the possible terms of your order.

Can colors be chosen?

The colors of the materials are different and there is a great choice for the technology FDM. It should be borne in mind that there may be differences in the prices of a given color. It is a good idea to ask if a color is available before your order.

For the technology DLP /laser printing/ stock colors are limited.

3D printing - the future is here

3д принтиране

3D Replacement parts

Replace broken parts with new ones!

√ Home
√ Automobile
√ Business


3D Prototyping

Create your own model!

√ Make your own prototype
√ Print your model
√ Sell your  product

We will print your idea and keep your know-how!

3Д печат бижута

DLP Resin

Make 3D models for your customers!

√ Quality
√ Home
√ Business

Print your 3D  models for your customers.

3D моделиране цени

3D Modeling

You have an idea we can make it!

√ Technical details
√ Architecture
√ Hobby details
√ Decoration

Making 3D models from your ideas.

3D printing service FDM SLA